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What a weekend. 12.2.13

The year is winding to a close. Before we know it, it’ll be 2014.

Since my last post I will tell you I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Then a super great business trip to explore hotels for the spring of 2015′s EXPO. Then a Sunday morning three mile drive that lasted about 35 minutes.

Where should I start? Forget Thanksgiving. Not much to tell you there. I ate too much. The kids hardly had anything to eat until the pies came out. I slept like a baby Thursday night. Full and fat.

I awoke early Friday morning and drove for about 3 hours to a rendezvous point where Robert Seckler joined me. A few hours later we arrived at the very nice hotel #1, which is rich with history. After a tour of the facility, we both agreed although not ideal for The EXPO, it would work. We toured another area that would be an attraction to the attendees before checking into hotel #2. We had dinner at a nice Irish restaurant then off to bed for me.

Saturday I again got up early. A 9am meeting to tour the 2nd hotel. The hotel is more than perfect for our show. We’ve found a location. Now only if the price is right.

After the meeting, we quickly toured another fun venue we think the attendees of The EXPO might enjoy. Then it was off to get home. I had a show to do on Sunday in Albany, NY. That is a 2 hour ride from my house.

Sunday morning started out great. We had both cars packed (Melissa was taking her SUV too) and we were right on time. As I got in my van it started to rain. That normally would be a big deal except that it was 27 degrees out according to my van’s temperature display. Oh well. Off we went.

All was well until the first hill I came upon. I noticed my front tires started spinning and my van’s traction control activated. I also notice a car up against the curb with two flat tires. ICE!

I made it to the top of the hill and pulled into a church parking lot. I slammed my brakes a bit hard and I stopped fast. Melissa pulled up next to me and asked what was wrong. She hadn’t noticed the ice on the hill, probably because her car is all-wheel-drive. Well, I decide it was okay, and we continued on.

The next hill my traction control kept activating. It was still a light rain, and the ice was building up. Other cars coming at us had their emergency flashers on. We were coming up on the hill (we’d be going down this time) that is the on-ramp to the highway. I was being extremely safe, driving very very slow. Melissa pulled up next to me and we rolled down our windows. “This is crazy” she said. “Let’s turn back.” I agreed. I slid down the hill past the on-ramp and turned around. My wheels spun all the way back up the hill. I’m actually amazed I made it up.

I got back home safe and sound. But I never made it to the show. I was disappointed. Last year it was a really good show. About an hour later the news was on and they were talking about a 60-70 car pile-up on RT290 west that occurred at around 6:30AM. Melissa and I would have been right in the middle of that had we not decided to turn around. Wow.

2 thoughts on “What a weekend. 12.2.13

  1. Mark

    Sounds like you and Robert (and families) had a BUSY weekend! I’m sure you guys picked a location that’s going to be great for vendors and Expo attendees alike. Too bad you missed the “Egg” show in Albany, but your safety is more important than selling kits.

  2. Jim McGerigle

    Smart that you eventually turned back. Most of that section of 290 is an “El”evated. Great for figure skaters not so for a vehicle.. I’ve even had trouble on 290 with my Subaru which generally sticks to ice well. Glad you two are safe. –jim

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