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December 13th, and a Friday.

I’m not a superstitious person. Bring on the broken mirrors, black cats, and ladders!

I’ve been working hard getting kits out the door. The backlog was added too, but it is now shrinking. I have new kits to put on the website, but not until I’ve finished the basics, like instructions. I pre-sold them at The EXPO, but only a few.

I did a show in Marlboro, Massachusetts last weekend. It was a great little show. I always do well there. It is 25 minutes away from my house. I like that. I sold a number of kits there that were out-of-stock. Hence the increased backlog I mentioned previously. The show included dinner on Saturday evening with Jill & Brian Bollinger of BEST Trains at a super BBQ joint called Firefly’s. I introduced Cailin to the train show world. Cailin has been with me for almost 2 years working in production, but this was her first time actually working the front line at a show. She enjoyed it and now understands why Melissa always wants to attend shows with me. She said she really had fun. Cailin did great. She knew the answers to the questions and did a fantastic job representing Railroad Kits.

With the season getting into full swing I interviewed an art student for the second time last night. Julie is currently a dental model maker. She also has a background in architecture. She’ll be working part time to help us catch up. I had her work with the boss (Melissa) and if Julie can handle her, I think she’ll do fine.

The EXPO hotel contract is on my desk. I had the hotel revise it slightly. We will be announcing it shortly. The list of clinician’s for 2015 will blow your mind! So will the location, and all it offers. We have a meeting today to discuss the announcement schedules. I’ve got to get ready for that with my analysis of the projected numbers and break even points. The hotel is top notch, but we will be paying dearly for it. I anticipate a slight increase in EXPO admission. Bummer.

Happy weekend. It’s supposed to snow this weekend! Yippee.


The Pennsy, shortly after I brought it home in 2000:

The Pennsy RR

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