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January 13th 2014 – Where has the time gone?

It seems like just yesterday I was adding my nonsense to this blog. It was actually almost a month ago. Sorry! I know that thousands of you actually care what I have to say. (or is it 12 of you?)

Springfield, The Big E, The Amherst Railway Society Show, or The Railroad Hobby Show. Whatever you call it, call it big. Well over 20,000 people and hundreds upon hundreds of vendors attend. It’s the biggest show I’ve ever been too. It’s also the 2nd best place for Railroad Kit’s sales. It is just around the corner. January 25th & 26th. And I’m not ready.

Robert Seckler is currently building two new kits for introduction at the Big E show. I always give new projects to him with no more then a few weeks to spare. That’s what friends are for. One is a “western” or “cowboy” related type of business. Think: Doug Foscale meets Brokeback Mountain. The other is a pier business selling stuff like fishing supplies. I hope they both are ready in time. No Rush Robert! (HURRY!)

I got an idea for a great new kit from Al Judy on Facebook. He posted a picture of his scratchbuilt factory on Tommy Hansen’s Facebook group page “Model Structure Showcase¬†

Factory 010

I think I’ll call it A.L. Judy Tool Co. Look for it soon, but not at Springfield. Right Robert?






One thought on “January 13th 2014 – Where has the time gone?

  1. Mark

    ’bout time you updated the blog! All 12 of us have been hanging by a thread to see what’s going on with you!! Yep, Springfield is just around the corner and I’m gathering up my pennies to see what I can buy. Always fun just browsing the aisles to see what’s out there. That Seckler guy works best under pressure, especially if you don’t give him all of the parts for the buildings LOL!! Ok, time for you to go laser some kits.

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