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Wednesday and John Elwood’s building

I’m working on getting this kit ready for it’s first build. I’ve been looking at this building since Fos Scale Model’s came out with the DVD on John Elwood’s fantastic layout. A few years ago I asked John if I could copy it for a kit and he said okay. I am beginning to model my buildings in 3D so I can get an idea on how they look. This structure as seen here is pretty large, measuring almost 10″ x 6″. I wanted two 50′ cars to fit inside, for loading / unloading at the same time.

Here is a short video of it in 3D – a work in progress. I’ve been working in 3D using Sketchup Pro. It has a learning curve, but nothing like AutoCAD. There is a free version of Sketchup available, but I’m not sure how many of the Pro version features are missing from it. I need Pro because it allows me to import my AutoCAD files into Sketchup.  It also does these movie animations…

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