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Last Day of February Already

March is almost upon us. Where did winter go? Oh, never mind. It’s outside. My weather station says -1.

Yesterday Robert & Doug were here making changes to the Pennsy layout. This is always controversial.

Do I keep the Pennsy the same, or change it, or as I like to say “improve it”? The Pennsy is a famous model railroad, or it was. Hundreds of thousands have viewed it either in person, or in print. Each time I make a change, it looks less like it did in 1993.  There are still reminders of what once was, but like progress in any town, things are changing overtime. I like what I’m seeing. Vacant land is being developed, just like in the real world.

In the picture below, an old scene of rocks in a ravine has been changed to an industrial one, featuring a South River Modelworks Lamson & Goodnow diorama that was built by my friend Carl Laskey. Funny thing about this diorama, I had sold it on eBay. But, when it came to shipping it, I realized that it was too big! The diorama sold for less than it would have cost to ship it.  So either I cut it up, and resell it, or use it. Look what I decided…


I have an open house scheduled in April. You should stop by. You probably won’t recognize The Pennsy.


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